Champions are individuals who want to contribute to creating healthier food places in their community.

The first version of the Foodback app is now ready. We would like people, like you, to test and use it in your community!

Through Foodback you can add data, stories and comments about any food places in your community and also follow food places you like or you’d like to see improve.

You will be able to see which food places earn certain badges (e.g. sugary drink free) and medals (gold/silver/bronze) and the change agents (e.g. managers of those food places) will be updated on their results regularly.

Together we can create a movement for healthier food places across New Zealand.

Volunteering / Sponsoring

If you want to volunteer in any capacity for the Foodback initiative or support the initiative financially, we would love to hear from you!

You can also call the Foodback team anytime on 09-923-8489 or email Stefanie at


Champions & Volunteers

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