Check out the tips and table below to see how you can eat less saturated fat, sugar and salt.

Cooking your own meals as often as possible is a great way to make healthy food choices. Use mostly whole foods or less-processed ingredients. For easy, fast and affordable meal ideas, see the Healthy Kids website.

When cooking and preparing foods

  • Limit highly processed foods (eg, ‘heat and eat’ meals like pizza).
  • Remove the chicken skin after cooking.
  • Add flavour to food using herbs, spices and lemon or lime juice instead of using salt.
  • Use fruit to replace sugar on your breakfast cereal.
  • If you are adding salt, use iodised salt and try to use less salt over time.
  • When roasting or baking, place meat on a rack so that fat can drip off.
  • Choose foods with the least amount of salt. Avoid high-salt foods with more than 600 mg of sodium per 100 g of food.
  • Choose meat with little visible fat or remove the fat before cooking.

Choosing healthier options

Instead of this Use this
Butter Margarine or other plant-based unsaturated spreads
Lard and/or dripping Water (for roasting meat), small amount of plant-based monounsaturated oils, eg, canola, olive or rice bran oils
Coconut oil Small amount of plant-based unsaturated oils – if using oil for cooking, choose monounsaturated oil like the examples given above
Full-fat milk Low- and reduced-fat milk
High-fat cheese, eg, mild, Colby Reduced-fat cheese, eg, edam
Coconut cream ‘Lite’ coconut cream or milk, or use half water and half coconut cream
White bread Higher fibre, dense whole grain bread
High-fat takeaways Healthier option takeaways, eg, kebabs or wraps with plenty of salad, non-fried Asian rice or noodle dishes with plenty of vegetables
Sugar-coated breakfast cereal Whole grain cereal, eg, porridge or whole wheat breakfast biscuits
Muesli bars Fresh fruit or a small handful of unsalted nuts
Chippies and a cream-based dip Raw vegetable sticks and hummus, or homemade popcorn (go easy on the salt)
Sugary drinks Water. It is nice chilled, with fresh mint and/ or a slice of lemon
Fruit juice Glass of chilled water and a piece of fruit
Dried fruit Fresh fruit
How to eat less saturated fat, sugar and salt

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