By Judith Forbes

Bayfield High School has recently made a number of positive, healthy changes to their school food policy and service. Led by two student groups, The Health Promotion Committee and the Enviro-group, and a teacher “champion” the school canteen has been transformed radically from a somewhat unfriendly, unwelcoming place selling mostly pre-packaged high-sugar and/or high-fat foods and beverages into a warm and inviting cafe style place, selling almost entirely “made on site” and healthy fresh foods. The changes were instigated after a survey was conducted with staff and students and the changes have been met with great enthusiasm and support. The principal, Judith Forbes, has reported that the healthy changes to food service and policy have affected the general sense of wellbeing amongst students and staff. It has also led to increased revenues in the school canteen.

Making Positive Healthy Changes to the School Food Policy
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