Helensville is a town in the North Island of New Zealand. It is sited 40 kilometres northwest of Auckland, close to the southern extremity of the Kaipara Harbour. State Highway 16 passes through the town, connecting it to Waimauku 16 km to the south, and Kaukapakapa about 12 km to the north-east. Parakai is 2 km to the north-west. The Kaipara River runs through the town and into the Kaipara Harbour to the north.

The current population is 2830 residents.

Although it is no longer a forestry or dairy centre, the town is still a tourist attraction, largely because of its many historic buildings, the Hot Springs at Parakai and the Parakai Aerodrome, and its proximity to Auckland.

Helensville and surrounds are currently striving to become the healthiest community in New Zealand. They are also the current site of the South Kaipara Food Revolution. It’s a very exciting initiative and we are thrilled to be working so closely with the team in Helensville. A special thanks to Jake, Michelle and colleagues for your support and involvement in the Foodback project!

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