Birkenhead is a suburb of Auckland, in northern New Zealand. It is located on the north shore of the Waitemata Harbour, four kilometres northwest of the Auckland city centre.Birkenhead was a city until amalgamated into North Shore City; prior to that it was a borough. As a city and borough it included areas known as: Birkenhead Point, Highbury, Chatswood, Verrans Corner, Birkdale and Beach Haven. Since amalgamation took place, it is less clear whether “Birkenhead” includes Verrans Corner, Birkdale and Beach Haven. In November 2010, the suburb was included into the North Shore ward, one of the thirteen administrative divisions of the new Auckland city, under authority of the Auckland Council. Under the new Auckland Council, Birkenhead is part of the Kaipatiki Local Board Area.

It is also the site of the Garden to Table initiative and other healthy food promotion projects that make Birkenhead an ideal community to partner with us on this initiative. Thanks to Leonie and the residents of Birkenhead for their involvement in this project!

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